5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Being part of a cohesive team has many rewards. Being part of a team that makes a difference, making a difference in the lives of others, getting more done than you are able to do by yourself. But being part of a team also presents certain challenges, like working with people who are not like you, people who are difficult, pushy, competitive, and sometimes mean. There are even times when team members will be sabotaged or criticized by other team members. These things can make you lose your temper and have ill feelings towards co-workers, friends, and yourself.

The behaviors of a toxic co-worker are no different from those of a toxic individual. The only difference is that the toxic person is not functioning in a productive manner, but rather is functioning as a jerk. It is possible for one person in a team to be toxic, but it is unlikely for two people in the same team to have the same type of personality disorder. Toxic individuals do not take the appropriate action to relieve their stress, instead they choose to lash out with their anger and frustration. They do not communicate important issues with their colleagues, they do not listen to suggestions, and they are generally unlikable.

When a toxic colleague speaks with you about a problem, do not take them seriously, they are acting like children and they do not know any better. If a team mate makes an unkind remark about another team mate, treat that person with little or no respect. If a toxic person gives you a bad opinion of another team mate, you should not listen to them or tolerate their conduct. If a toxic person is yelling at you in public, you should stop what you are doing and go outside to clear your mind.

Another characteristic of a toxic person is being argumentative. They will often engage in a childish argument that gets nowhere and will never accept criticism. If you get into an argument with a toxic team mate, walk away, take the issue to a higher level, and deal with the person in private. You should remember that arguments are supposed to be held between people, not between a group of people. Do check out Positively People for more help with behavior assessments.

Lastly, toxic individuals tend to belittle their co-workers and employees. They will tell flattery about other people in an attempt to make themselves feel better. They may even repeat flattery, telling their co-workers that they have worked hard, or that they are very experienced in their job. It is important to note that a compliment can be misconstrued as flattery and should be taken with a grain of salt. You’ll want to check out family business advisors and what benefits they can give.

There are many traits of a toxic personality that will manifest themselves in a team. It is important to work with a good counselor, therapist, or coach to help you determine if you are exhibiting these behaviors. These individuals can help you understand why you are behaving in a negative manner and work towards changing your personality disorder to one of peace, instead of fear. A change in personality is an important first step for recovery from toxic behavior. Consider business advice here: https://youtu.be/0PbjZ01ObLA

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